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  • There are certain maps with notable characteristics:
    • 1-7 (Grievous Lady) indirectly requires partial completion of 1-6 (Axium Crisis).
    • 2-3 (Binary Conflict) indirectly requires full completion of 2-2 (Binary Light).
    • 3-1 (Spire Light), despite its internal name, "chapter3_light", unlocks Light and Conflict songs.
    • 3-4 (Fracture Ray) indirectly requires full completion of 3-3 (Ether Strike).
    • 5-4 (Tempestissimo) indirectly requires partial completion of 5-3 (Lost Desire), and is hidden until its unlock requirement is met.
  • The buildings in the background of Chapter 3 strongly resemble and are likely inspired by real-world constructs:
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