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This page sets forth rules to follow when editing this wiki in addition to consequences for breaking them. Most of these are common sense rules, but please make sure you're familiar with them.


  1. Please keep the wiki PG-13. Refrain from swearing or cursing.
    1. Threats and hate speech of any sort are grounds for an immediate ban.
    2. Anything NSFW in a page or comment will be removed and the infringing user banned.
  2. Do not edit this wiki with incorrect information, copied information (except in the case of translation from a non-English source or with permission from the original author), or copyrighted information or videos. This is grounds for at least a temporary ban.
    • This also applies to fanfiction. Do not add fanfiction to pages or create pages for fanfiction, even on User subpages.
    1. Do not link to other websites, either, unless it's relevant (eg. the Japanese wiki, SoundCloud, or various artist social media links).
    2. When making an edit of any kind, you must include an edit summary. Failure to do will result in your edit being reverted and repeat offenses may lead to temporary or permanent bans from the wiki.
      • This does not apply to User pages. You are allowed to not include an edit summary on those pages.
  3. Do not create pages for upcoming content until said content is released.
  4. Use common sense when adding trivia to a page and do not add any off-topic trivia points.
  5. English is the primary language of this wiki, but any other languages can be used in strictly the comment section of articles.
  6. Do not edit other users' profiles or attempt to impersonate them. This is grounds for at least a temporary ban.
    1. Trying to get around a block by creating an additional account is also grounds for a ban.
  7. Do not spam, whether in contents or on the page.

Thank you for reading the rules. You can also check out the Editing Guide for more information on specific topics.