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  • ILuvGemz

    Alice’s Dictionary

    September 7, 2019 by ILuvGemz

    This lists all the words and structures to form Alician, a language used by Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra.

    If the Japanese word is derived from English, then the Alician transcriptions will be the same as the English word.

    Some interjections are too obvious, so they’re not included in this dictionary.

    Two words connected with a slash, but not in parentheses, means that the transcription is debatable.

    Words in brackets indicate the Japanese meaning.


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  • ILuvGemz

    It’s official. All songs’ Chart constant 100% filled!

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  • ILuvGemz

    Here’s a list of songs I haven’t translated yet:

    • (Looks like there are no more songs left)

    Let me know in the comments if I missed any songs.

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  • ILuvGemz

    Current rank score

    June 2, 2019 by ILuvGemz

    Current rank: 7
    Desired rank: 3

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  • ILuvGemz


    May 31, 2019 by ILuvGemz

    Hello world.

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