You might have noticed that you need an account to make edits on this Wiki, and this short blog post explains the reason.

  1. In early 2019, this Wiki underwent severe vandalism from an unregistered user. This included:
    • Creating irrelevant pages and adding unofficial content.
    • Using improper grammar in all edits.
    • Editing profile pages of other users.
    • Being excessively unprofessional when confronted about the issue.
  2. Blocking the unregistered user did not help as they could easily change IP and subvert the block.
  3. The decision was made by the Wiki admin team to disable all unregistered edits.

After monitoring the situation over the following weeks, we noticed a significant decrease in vandalism and contributions were not significantly affected by this change. As a result, we decided to leave the restriction active into the foreseeable future.

If you are greatly concerned by this issue, please leave a message on my Message Wall and we can discuss about it further. Thank you for your understanding.

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