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This page sets forth rules to follow when editing this wiki in addition to consequences for breaking them. Most of these are common sense rules, but please make sure you're familiar with them.

  1. Please keep the wiki PG-13. Refrain from swearing or cursing.
    1. Threats and hate speech of any sort are grounds for an immediate ban.
    2. Anything NSFW in a page or comment will be removed and the infringing user banned.
  2. Do not edit this wiki with incorrect information, copied information (except in the case of translation from a non-English source or with permission from the original author), or copyrighted information or videos. This is grounds for at least a temporary ban.
    1. Do not link to other websites, either, unless it's relevant (eg. the Japanese wiki, So…

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CuboonoP CuboonoP 30 August 2018

To-Do List

This is a list of tasks to be done around the wiki. Feel free to post a comment below if you think that anything should be added.

  • 1 To-Do List
    • 1.1 Songs
    • 1.2 Partners
    • 1.3 Other
  • 2 To Think About List
  • 3 Research List

  • Song data needs to be added to the bottoms of song pages. See Template:SongDataTable for details. Newer song data also still needs to be added to the Song Data page. It is suggested to write a quick programming script to automatically generate templates for pages.
  • Plenty of chart constants still need to be derived. See Songs by Chart Constant for more information and keep an eye on the Japanese wiki.

  • Appearance sections for most Partners need to be written.
  • Official Lore for Partners need to be written. This should contain story information for …

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CuboonoP CuboonoP 30 August 2018

Editing Guide

Please refer to this editing guide for adding new content to the Wikia. Any edits not made in accordance with this guide may be reverted.

  • If you leave a page unfinished, please mark it with a ) until deleted by an administrator.
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