«I'll grant you a better future.
Should this mean denying mine.»

Hello, and welcome to my Profile section. It's still a work-in-progress, so I hope to improve its quality over and over with time. Thanks for stopping by as well, I suppose?

What, are you still reading this? C'mon, move along, there's nothing else to read here.


Why are you still here?


Don't you have anything more interesting to do?


Fine, I suppose I can spend a couple of words to describe myself.
But, you know, I can't refund time. You're warned.

Name's Nicolò, born in far January 8th 1992. I'm a 5 BW SP and an INFJ-T (yes, I know, it's almost absurd, but they're damn right). If you know at least one of the two personality tests, well, first, let me say I love you. Second, you pretty much pictured me out already.
If you don't, just open the Links, yes? No, huh? Of course you won't. Silly me.

Let's start with some Arcaea-related biography, though, shall we?

User ID
Feel free to add me if you wish.

Potential : 11.5

Level : 9.9
I'll just consider FTR 8 songs PM'd, 'cause I'm not gonna PM Dropdead and Evoltex anytime soon (Memoryfactory.lzh, on the other hand...).
I still suck a little when it comes to 9+s, although I'm getting a little better with time (I don't play them that often). I also managed to PM many FTR 9s, which I'm quite happy of. But my growth has just begun... I'm only halfway to the top.

Playing Arcaea since : September 29th 2018

Play style : indexes (thumbs occasionally)
I almost forgot how to play with thumbs anymore. Indexes are my only hardcore rhythmical friends now it seems... Kind of sad story.

Most loved song : VECTOЯ
I really didn't want to dispossess Fallensquare and DataErr0r from the podium, but VECTOЯ really got me nailed. That song almost reaches my core of favoritism, so I had to. I'll still love them no matter what, altogether with many other songs in there.

Most hated song : Memoryfactory.lzh/Dropdead
Seems like Frums' only good at composing noises.

Representative song : VECTOЯ
Altogether with the favorite song's position, even the most representative one spot falls under VECTOЯ's power now. All hail VECTOЯ. It's still quite a hard battle between it and Anökumene though. As usual, many other songs contain a fragment of my personality (melancholy and determination in DataErr0r, nostalgia in Sayonara Hatsukoi, eccentricity in Cyanine etc.), but VECTOЯ and Anökumene seems to hold a bit of everything for now.

Most enjoyable song(s) to play :

  • Past : to be decided
  • Present : to be decided
  • Future : to be decided

Most painful song(s) to play :

  • Past : Dropdead
    • I'm just glad I max-scored it so I don't have to play it anymore.
  • Present : to be decided
  • Future : Lost Civilization
    • What a shitty chart. It’s nonsense, it’s rhythm-less and it’s flashy where it doesn’t need to. It’s just bad. So bad. I just hate it.

Nemesis :

  • Fracture Ray PST
    • DAT SONG. IT TOOK ME 80 AND MORE TRIES JUST TO FUCKING PM IT. I JUST KEPT SCORING A LOST OR A FAR IN ONE (or both, occasionally) OF THE TWO NOTES SCALES AND I WAS ON THE VERGE OF AN AXIUM A NERVOUS CRISIS. Then, the iPad arrived and it took something like 4/5 tries. Eh, life sucks.
      I still like the song alot, so I can call this a love-hate relationship.
  • Suomi FTR
    • Not only I dislike this song alot, but it also has one of the trickiest chart so far. Single Notes are few but are put together in tricky taps (still doable though), the real pain begings where Arcs do : this song, more than any other (even more than Dement ~after legend~ FTR and Flyburg and Endroll FTR), slapped a big, heavy "you can't do Arcs" in my face. I don't know how many times I imprecated whenever I dropped one of them. I don't know how many times I had to repeat the song, probably 20 or more, but I'll never forget those fucking Arcs that, to me, looked like were making fun of me while dancing on the notes of that shitty, annoying song.
  • Halcyon FTR
    • My current worst nightmare all-times. People usually don't have that much trouble in clearing it. But it seems like I'm no normal person. I barely could easy-clear it just to unlock Ether Strike in order to farm for Fracture Ray, but it costed me almost a hour trying hard in order to do so. And I still just can't read that chart at all. It's fast, it's tiring, it's hard, it's fucking damn harsh, it has no resting time. I just can't face it.
  • ReviXy FTR
    • I just can't believe I'm setting this song as a nemesis. I really don't find it hard, but I just can't believe the fact I still score one fucking Far or Lost in constantly different sections. They're everywhere and random-like!

Woah, are you still reading? My congratulations. Since you came this far, I suppose it means you want to read something more specific about me, yes? If not, leave now. There's nothing more interesting for you to read. I think, at least.

I work in a "modern" typography, and I manage.. well, pretty much anything. I print on every kind of paper and make anything out of it, from business cards to brochures and everything in between. I print on vinyls and adhesives, and I attach them as well. I mount fair stands. I cut and diecut pretty any kind of material (except cardboard, we don't have such a powerful machine yet, but I know how to do it). Well, I guess you got it.

When it comes to private life, I must say it's pretty much plain on the surface, but quite lively in depth. Many events happened in it these years, not all positive, and I'm now seriously asking myself what I'm doing with it, at this point.
I love to draw, but I'm not good. I never considered drawing to be a work suiting me (I only consider it as a hobby of mine), and this is probably what keeps me away from realizing one of the biggest dream of my life : to create a manga.
It's been quite some years already that a story popped up in my mind (I've been fanfictioning since I was 6), but I don't want this one to die like all the others I invented so far. This is why I'm determined to do it. Unfortunately, I lack drawing skills, and the people I asked for this last year only turned their backs. So here I am, still looking for an anime/manga fan with good anime/manga drawing skills to share this dream with.

Another great passion of mine are cards and tabletop games. I've got the house full of them. Unfortunately, these last years didn't go that well for me because of work... I have little time to play and, especially, all friends of mine often are out of city because of college/university, work or just don't have time when I do. Sad story.
As for videogames, instead, I'm a RPG-lover. I also like "fantasy-based" TPS (but dislike FPS, strangely enough), while I absolutely hate puzzle games and point & clicks with a passion.
I've never been in rhythm games at all until I met Arcaea. I'e played Voez for a little, some years ago, but it didn't get me. I don't know why, but Arcaea just surpassed all my expectations and really got me deeply to the point I'm hooked to it forever and ever.

I'm a metal lover all the way around. Rock is too soft to me. Metalstep and industrial metal are my loves. I used to like death metal as well, until some years ago. Then I grew up and I stopped liking it that much, diverting into the currently most liked metal subgenre to me so far, which is alternative or melodic metal. I also like dubstep's heavy beats alot, but not the genre itself.
The genre I hate the most? House. I just can't stand it. Same for most pop songs.

I think I can speak english quite fluently, for being italian. If I Full recall right, I've got the B2 certification back at high school, but I feel C1 would suit me better as of now, since I also often directly spoke to non-italian people as well. But I'm sure C2 isn't my case, 'cause I still have troubles in understading technical/sought terms and my listening skills aren't that good yet.
I studied french back at middle school, but I almost forgot it... I think I'll study it again should my manga be realized. I'll also study german and spanish. One step at a time, though.
I studied korean by myself, some years ago, but I had to drop it (I don't recall why though... I've got quite a bad memory); I'd like to study it again though, because I like it (especially its symbols) and it surely comes in handy for online games I/'ll play (80% online games are korean afterall).

I don't know if there's anything else to explain, so I'll stop here for now. Thanks for stopping by and care about knowing me a little more. Though I'll never admit it, I'm glad you did. Thank you for your attention and time. Have a nice day! :)

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