aka Zenokwei

  • I live in Surabaya, East Java
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Hey, what’s up?

  • I play Cytus II, Deemo, and Arcaea (though inactive).
  • I normally watch BFDI and some cartoons.
  • I usually translate Japanese songs in those rhythm games.
    • I am normally active if there are songs that stumped many translators, such as Apo11o Program’s songs, or just hasn’t been attempted yet.
    • I cannot transcribe Japanese lyrics really well.
    • ”Venus di Ujung Jari” in Cytus II is a special case, because the song is in Indonesian, and that’s my native language. (I translated this before it’s even ported)
  • I study 4 languages:
    • Native Language: Indonesian (but I don’t speak Indonesian that much)
    • 2nd Language: English
    • 3rd Language: Japanese (self-taught, Level: unknown)
    • 4th Language: Korean (Currently learning)
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