#225?cb=20200330074810 I am Dominoes, and I am an active FANDOM user.

I mostly play Plant vs. Zombies 2 and
rhythm games like Arcaea,
as well as building dominoes when I have spare time.

I'm also a percussionist,
and I particularly like orchestral music because of this.

I am decent in Wikitext, Magic Words, and HTML.

I am a staff member in a few wikis. Here is a list of them:

FlyorDie.io Wiki (Bureaucrat)

Surviv.io Wiki (Admin)

Dominoes's Wiki (Bureaucrat, Founder)

Gulch.io Wiki (Admin)

Surviv.io 中文維基 (Bureaucrat / 行政員)

Pokémon Wiki (Content Moderator)

Feel free to ask me on my Message Wall or
in Discord (Dominoes#6312) for any questions!

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