The template for song pages.

|Title                = Title of the song (optional, if differs from page name)
|Artist               = Song artist, with English in parentheses if needed (eg. 旅人E (Tabibito E))
|Artist Link          = Link to the header on the Artists page
|Compound Artist Link = If more than one artist worked on this song, use full wikitext link markup here to determine what gets displayed
|ArtistCat1           = Category name for the artist if they have a Japanese name (only use the English one) or if there are multiple artists
|ArtistCat2           = Category name for second artist if present
|ArtistCat3           = Category name for third artist if present
|Imgsuffix            = Filename of the album art image
|Past                 = Difficulty level on Past
|Present              = Difficulty level on Present
|Future               = Difficulty level on Future
|Past Combo           = Note count on Past
|Present Combo        = Note count on Present
|Future Combo         = Note count on Future
|Past CC              = Chart constant on Past
|Present CC           = Chart constant on Present
|Future CC            = Chart constant on Future
|BPM                  = BPM
|Length               = Song length
|Pack                 = Song pack
|Subpack              = Song subpack (currently for Memory Archive songs only)
|Side                 = Side (Light or Conflict)
|Background           = Background (use filename on [[Song Backgrounds]], no capitalization)
|ManualBg             = (Optional) If set to a non-empty string, background will not be hyperlinked and no category will be created.
|Version              = Version added (eg. "Version 1.6.4 (2018-06-01)")
|WorldModeReq         = World Mode requirements to unlock song
|PastReq              = Requirements to unlock Past
|PresentReq           = Requirements to unlock Present
|FutureReq            = Requirements to unlock Future
|Note Design          = Note designers (separate different ones with a <br />)
|Illustrator          = Illustrator (provide reference for uncredited illustrations)
|Vocals               = Name of vocalist (if the song has vocals, otherwise leave it blank)
|Genre                = Genre, based on Official Song Sources
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