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Unlock Method

Locked challenge icon


Upon selecting Tempestissimo while it is still locked, you will see 5 locked sections corresponding to various challenges. Except for the middle one, they can be completed in any order. Clearing a challenge removes the lock from it on the difficulty you completed the challenge on and all lower difficulties. It also causes a story-related phrase to be displayed. They are as follows:

  1. Two options:
  2. Two options:
    • Clear Antagonism with a MAX RECALL of over 300.
    • Clear Antagonism with AA Grade 5 times.
  3. This challenge is unlocked when the other 4 challenges are complete.
  4. Clear Equilibrium, Antagonism then Dantalion in that order without failing or restarting.
  5. Mobile: Select this section and a text input field will show. Get the code from and input it into the field.Switch: Clear #1f1e33

When the 4 challenges are completed, the lock is removed from the middle challenge. When selecting it for the first time, story entry VS-7 automatically plays, and the song starts at the selected difficulty. Otherwise, selecting the section will simply start the song at that particular difficulty.


Trigger Time: 1:25

Unlocks: Present (PST only), Future (PRS only), Beyond (FTR only), World Mode Map 5-4

To trigger the anomaly, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  1. The last 2 digits of your Fragments are the same (e.g. 0, 11, 322, 5433), this can be easily achieved by playing a difficulty 1 chart with a locked partner which will award 10 fragments max.
  2. Hikari (Fracture) is your selected partner and her skill is not locked.
  3. The necessary requirement (see section below) is attained at the trigger time.
  4. The rewards for the selected difficulty have not been obtained.
  5. The World Map has not yet been unlocked. (With the exception of Beyond difficulty.)

Upon meeting the above requirements, the anomaly occurs and the song immediately transitions to the next difficulty chart, with a unique variant of the HARD Recollection Rate. At this point:

  • The Recollection Rate is penalised less for LOST notes, but there is an additional accumulated penalty which depletes the gauge towards the end of the song.
  • The pause button disappears, forcing the player to either complete or lose the track. This can be subverted by selecting the app manager button then returning to the game.
  • On PST/PRS difficulty:
    • If the track is completed, the next higher difficulty chart and map are unlocked.
  • On FTR difficulty:
    • If the track is completed, the BYD chart and map are unlocked.
    • If the track is lost, you would progress a certain percentage towards unlocking them (depending on score and difficulty). When this number reaches 100%, the BYD chart and map are unlocked.
  • Regardless of the outcome, a flat amount of 11 Fragments is rewarded (12 if the last two digits are 99). This ensures that the last 2 digits always remain the same.

Recollection Rate Requirement

Hikari (Fracture)'s Level Recollection Rate
Anomaly No Anomaly
1-5 0 LOST
6 94%
7 88%
8 82%
9 76%
10 70%
11 65%
12 60%
13 55%
14 50%
15 45%
16 40%
17 35%
18 30%
19 25%
20 20%

Official Sound

Official Sound

Arcaea t+pazolite - Tempestissimo

Release Information
Release Unreleased


Difficulty Player Score Sounds Link Notes
Beyond Nagiha0798 10,001,540 In-game hit sounds + finger taps YouTube Maximum theoretical value
Beyond FUTABASAKI 10,001,532 Finger taps YouTube
Beyond h1r 10,001,530 Finger taps YouTube
Beyond BengaleeHS 10,001,499 Fingernail taps YouTube Thumb play except quadruple holds
Beyond MitaKousuke 10,001,490 Fingernail taps YouTube
Future FUTABASAKI 10,001,254 Finger taps YouTube Maximum theoretical value
Future StaLight 10,001,244 Finger taps YouTube
Future BengaleeHS 10,001,215 None YouTube Thumb play


  • Tempestissimo was released with a Beyond difficulty with the release of 3.0.0. It is the first song to receive an accessible Beyond difficulty chart and one of only three songs to have a Beyond difficulty upon initial release, the others being Quon and lastendconductor.
    • As of Switch release (v1.0.0c), Tempestissimo is the only song to have its Beyond difficulty chart on Switch platform
  • The link to obtain the code to clear the 5th challenge comes from several clues:
      1. In v2.6.2, a code was added to the "To Be Continued" text in story entry V-5:
      2. When decoded as base85, this gives the ID of a YouTube video.
      3. An encrypted message can be obtained by ignoring all the 'X's in the video.
      4. Decrypting the message via ROT-47 gives a short text log which speaks about a "lowest world".
      5. is an accessible URL, which was found before v3.0.0. The site displays nothing but a flashing '/' symbol, which hints towards a subdomain.
    • connect
      1. In the preview video of Black Fate, the code "yufxbxp" can be obtained through letters scattered throughout the #1f1e33 portion of the video.
      2. When accessing story entry VS-7 before it is unlocked, the code "aiskfzi" is displayed.
      3. Deciphering "aiskfzi" as a Vigenère cipher with the key "yufxbxp" gives the word "connect".
      4. Combining the domain name "" with subdomain name "connect" gives "".
    • From version 3.3.0 onwards, attempting to access entry VS-7 before it is unlocked instead gives a link to directly, bypassing the puzzle.
  • The song title is a grammatically-unsound amalgam of the Latin noun root "tempesta-" and ending "-ssimo" for singular superlative adjectives. It literally translates to "tempestest".
  • The subtext in the cover says: "The path here was blazed by the worst recollections of mankind, and what remains at the end is, and ever will be, the end."
  • The story-related phrase for each challenge is as follows:
    1. The girl in white and the girl in black cannot reconcile.
    2. She once more faces the girl she wishes she could befriend.
    3. No message. This, instead of showing a message, triggers a story entry.
    4. And thus it is Tairitsu's turn to gain the upper hand.
    5. She spares no hesitation. The strike comes in an instant.
  • When you enter the anomaly, Tempest Tairitsu appears in the background. When the gauge is being drained or the track is lost, Tairitsu smiles, when you gain recollection rate she frowns, and when the anomaly is cleared, she gives a surprised face.
  • Tempestissimo is the only song that (as the time of writing) a player must get a Pure Memory on multiple difficulties to achieve the highest possible Potential.
  • Tempestissimo(Beyond) is the song that has the highest chart constant of 11.5(as the time of the writing), beating Grievous Lady’s(Future) chart constant by 0.2.
  • An extended version of this song appears on t+pazolite's album "Heartache Debug".
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