Tairitsu (Tempest) is a Partner in Arcaea. She is available through Boundless Divide Map 5-5 after purchasing the Black Fate pack and completing the Tempestissimo Anomaly on any difficulty.



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Rather than having crows by her, Tairitsu (Tempest) sports some blue butterflies, most likely Blue Morpho butterflies with one of them carrying a blue lamp. She also has a long black ribbon in addition to her umbrella, and her hair is now in two sharp buns resembling a tornado, which is related to her name: Tempest. Besides that, there is now some sort of blue-black crystal following her around, similar to the obsidian-like glass that follows Hikari (Fracture).


In comparison to Tairitsu (Grievous Lady), Tairitsu (Tempest) is much more aggressive towards Hikari. Rather than complying with Hikari's attempts to cooperate, she is intent on murdering Hikari due to the prediction in the memory.

Stats by Level

LEVEL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
FRAG 27 27 27 27 28 29 30 32 34 37
STEP 70* 70* 70* 70* 71* 72* 73* 76* 78* 82*
OVER 27 27 27 27 28 29 30 32 34 37
LEVEL 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
FRAG 40 43 45 47 48 49 49 49 49 50
STEP 87* 91* 93* 96* 97* 98* 99* 99* 99* 100*
OVER 40 43 45 47 48 49 49 49 49 50

All STEP stat values listed are base values.

She also has a bonus STEP stat, which is bounded at 60 and can be calculated as:

$ \text{STEP}_\text{Bonus}=\min\left\{\text{Sum of all partner levels including herself}\div10,60\right\} $

Her overall STEP stat is simply:

$ \text{STEP}=\text{STEP}_\text{Base}+\text{STEP}_\text{Bonus} $


Tairitsu (Tempest) has one of the lowest FRAG stats in the game, but her variable STEP stat is potentially the highest in the game, far outclassing Tairitsu (Grievous Lady), Ilith and even Regulus (MDA-21).

As of v3.0.0, all 35 partners at their maximum level (Awakening considered) have a total level of 780, corresponding to a bonus STEP stat of 78. This means that it is possible to hit her maximum bonus STEP stat.

  • Her maximum FRAG stat translates to a 1.00x fragment multiplier.
  • Her maximum base STEP stat translates to a 2.00x step multiplier for world mode.
  • Her maximum STEP stat translates to a 3.20x step multiplier for world mode.

It might not be realistic to increase her STEP stat to its limit as it requires significant grinding for other partners. Even so, her STEP stat for the average player is one of the highest in the game.

The best strategy to compromise between maximising her STEP stat and saving time is to use Ether Drops on all Level 1 partners, which would raise them to Level 5. This immediately adds 0.4 to Tairitsu (Tempest)'s STEP stat per partner. She is the perfect partner to have when min-maxing for World Mode.


Main article: Gameplay § Recollection Rate

Due to the nature of Tairitsu (Tempest)'s skill, it is necessary to offset penalties by consistently hitting notes to prevent a TRACK LOST.


  • This is the first partner to have a stat that can vary at one level.
  • Tairitsu's skill resembles that of a bleeding wound, presumably a reference to Story VS-???


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