Tairitsu (Grievous Lady) is one of the Partners in Arcaea and an alternate version of Tairitsu. She is obtained by purchasing the Vicious Labyrinth song pack, unlocking Grievous Lady, then completing Lost World Map 1-7 (Grievous).



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Compared to her regular and Axium forms, Tairitsu now has much longer hair, with the longest segments nearly reaching her feet and some shoulder-length face-framing layers. The ribbons in her hair are black with gold trim, and two roses — one light blue and one black — are attached to each.

She wears a black dress extending to just above the knee, with long sleeves that are cut out past the elbow. On top of this, she wears a multi-layered pleated capelet with gold trim, as well as a gray frilled collar and a black ribbon matching those in her hair, complete with light blue rose and spade ornament. What appears to be a white blouse with lace trim running down the center covers her chest; a dark blue corset with gold clasps, ornaments, and trim, complete with a matching blue bow, separates this from the lower half of her outfit. Gold bows are attached to either side of her skirt; a black ribbon is tied at the back of her waist and ends in a pair of ring ornaments with a spade motif. Her skirt is accented with a light blue stripe and gold trim similar to that found on her hair ribbons. Beneath her skirt, she wears off-white petticoats that are longer in the back. Her tights are medium gray; on her feet, she wears a pair of short gray boots with thick soles, dark gray bows, and gold scalloped trim.

She holds a black parasol in her hands and is accompanied by two crows.


After the events within the Labyrinth, she has become an empty shell of her former self. Having lost all sanity and almost all emotion from her journey, she no longer has the ambition to continue her quest of ridding the Arcaea from the world. Now she is wandering aimlessly without purpose, save for one thing: to let out the frustrations she was feeling about her hopeless situation onto another person.

Official Lore

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Stats by Level

LEVEL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
FRAG 57 57 57 57 58 59 60 61 63 66
STEP 70 70 70 70 71 72 74 76 79 83
OVER 57 57 57 57 58 59 60 61 63 66
LEVEL 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
FRAG 69 72 74 76 77 78 78 78 78 79
STEP 88 92 95 97 99 100 101 101 101 102
OVER 69 72 74 76 77 78 78 78 78 79


Her trend of favoring STEP from Tairitsu (Axium) continues here, but with a much higher emphasis on STEP than Axium.

  • Her maximum FRAG stat translates to a 1.58x fragment multiplier.
  • Her maximum STEP stat translates to a 2.04x step multiplier for World Mode.

With a maximum FRAG stat of 79 — a negligible difference from regular Tairitsu's 80 — the Grievous Lady variant is overall an excellent partner for general use. However, the area of the game in which she is most useful is World Mode, as her STEP stat's multiplier more than doubles the base step received per play. She also boasts the highest STEP stat of any non-event partner not counting Tairitsu (Tempest).

This comes at a trade-off though, as she now uses the HARD Recollection Gauge, meaning the player will automatically fail if the Recollection Rate falls to 0; this results in a far lower base step result than would be received from a clear. It is therefore not advisable to use her to play higher-level charts in World Mode unless they can be played consistently well and LOST note counts can be minimized.


  • Tairitsu (Grievous Lady) has the highest combined stat from all the non-limited partners at max level at 181. A level 30 awakened Tairitsu only comes very close, at 180.


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