Divider story

Black Fate

Story blackfate
Divider sidestory

Absolute Reason

Story absolutereason

Story cyaegha

Crimson Solace

Story crimsonsolace

Story gloryroad

Ambivalent Vision

Story ambivalentvision

Story corpssansorganes

Adverse Prelude

Story adverseprelude


Story meeting

Luminous Sky

Story luminoussky

Vicious Labyrinth

Story viciouslabyrinth

Eternal Core

Story eternalcore
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Not to be confused with World Mode.

Story is a game element wherein story snippets were added for certain songs prior to 2.0.0. Since 2.0.0, the story snippets have been collated into a single section and expanded upon.

There are currently 2 major stories, divided into paths (focused on a Partner), and further divided into entries. Entries follow a numbering scheme similar to World Mode maps, but are unrelated. The numbering scheme is: Path-Entry.

Each entry becomes available when its prerequisites are met, and completed when its requirements are fulfilled. When an entry is completed, its corresponding story can be viewed.

The songs in entry requirements may be cleared on any difficulty. Currently, almost all of these songs are in paid Song Packs, with the exception of Diode being required for 4-7 on Kou's path.

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