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静寂が刺す 凍てついた水面に
歪な記憶が 木霊した
手に纏う蝶 何を映し出すの
世界の価値を 教えて

光に囚われ 逃げてた
綻び 閉ざされた城で 忘れていたの
独りに慣れて 声出すこともなく


何故生まれ落ちたの 映す情景の奥へと
静寂に問う 早まる鼓動で

ah 崩れ散ったの 無垢な過ちが
歩み続けて 辿り着く先へと

静寂に問う 答えを求めて

seijaku ga sasu itetsuita minamo ni
ibitsu na kioku ga kodamashita
te ni matou chou nani wo utsushidasu no
sekai no kachi wo oshiete

hikari ni toraware nigeteta
hokorobi tozasareta shiro de wasureteita no
hitori ni narete koe dasu koto mo naku
rakuen ni okasareta mama de

seijaku ga tou

naze umareochita no utsusu joukei no oku e to
seijaku ni tou hayamaru kodou de

ah kuzurechitta no muku na ayamachi ga
hikikaesu michi wo yurusanai wa
ayumitsudzukete tadoritsuku saki eto
soko ni kotae ga aru hazu...

seijaku ni tou kotae wo motomete

In stinging silence, twisted memories echo
on the frozen water's surface
What do the butterflies encircling my hands reflect?
Teach me the worth of the world

I'd been running away, entrapped by the light
I'd forgotten, in a castle sealed away and coming apart
I'd been used to the loneliness
broken by the paradise without saying a word

The silence asks me

Into the depths of the reflected scenery, my pulse quickening,
I ask the silence: why was I born?

Ah, the images shatter, and my innocent mistakes
will not allow me to retrace my steps
And so I keep on walking toward my destination,
where the answers should lie...

I ask the silence, and seek the answer


  • This song was included as an add-on to Eternal Core and was not part of the pack's initial release. This did not affect the price of the pack at all.
    • This is the first song to be added as an add-on to a paid pack.
  • The Japanese song jacket reflects the song title in Japanese: 虚空の夢 (kokuu no yume).
    • It is displayed when the game language is set to Japanese.
    • The English song jacket is displayed for all other game languages.
  • This is the only song in the game that doesn't have a chart designer credit.
  • An edited version of the instrumental is later used as the theme during the game’s startup starting from v2.2.0.


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