World mode delete icon
April Fools' Day 2020
Hold the World Mode button until the "Delete" (cross) button appears, select it, then tap several times where the World Mode button would be.


  • This song is a remix of several songs in Arcaea, and is only available on April Fools' Day since 2020. The songs are:
  • April Fools' songs have several idiosyncrasies:
    • Future only: no Past and Present difficulties.
    • Undefined difficulty level: the Future chart difficulty is just displayed as "?".
    • Undefined chart constant: playing this song has no effect on Potential.
    • Camera feature: notes can be outside the usual input boundaries.
  • This song has several peculiarities of its own:
    • There is a section where the track is completely parallel to the screen, with notes moving from right to left.
    • There is a section where the track and judgement lines are invisible, with the same background as that of the Singularity Challenge (without Luna).
    • There is a section where the track is completely perpendicular to the screen, and the timing of notes cannot be determined.
  • When playing this song, Normal Recollection Rate is enforced, overriding any Partner skill that changes the gauge type (e.g. Hard gauge). However, Partner skills that modify the Normal gauge (e.g. Saya) are unaffected.
  • The mechanic of "deleting" World Mode to access the song is a reference to uninstalling apps on iOS devices.
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