This article describes the scoring system in Arcaea in detail, as well as various other mechanics.


Like other rhythm games, point are given depending on how accurate and precise your timing is when hitting notes. There are names given to different levels of judgement for the timing:

Judgement Score Combo Description
Shinypure-0 100% (+1 point) +1 Hitting a PURE note without an EARLY/LATE (shiny PURE) awards 1 bonus point.
Timing-Pure 100% +1 Hitting a note within a strict time window awards the full points.
Timing-Far 50% +1 Hitting a note with slightly early or late timing awards only half the points.
Timing-Lost 0% Break Missing a note, or hitting it significantly early or late, resets the combo counter to 0 and awards no points.

The points per note of a song and its difficulty rating is computed as:

$ \text{Points per Note} = \dfrac{10,000,000}{\text{Number of Notes}} $

After the song ends, the game adds the points rewarded from all the notes in the chart, to form your final score. This score determines the grade of your play. If the score is higher than the current recorded score, it will be saved as your high score. Combos have no effect on your score.

For example, if a song has 1,000 notes:

  • Shiny PURE: 10,001 points
  • PURE: 10,000 points
  • FAR: 5,000 points
  • LOST: 0 points

In this example, the maximum possible score is 10,001,000. In general, it is 10,000,000 + number of notes.

Result Summary

When you select the PURE count on the result screen, additional details will be displayed on the right.

Result details

Image credit: Japanese Arcaea Wiki (

  • 1 — Shiny PURE notes hit.
  • 2 — FAR EARLY notes hit (PURE EARLY notes hit).
  • 3 — FAR LATE notes hit (PURE LATE notes hit).

For example, in the above image, there are:

631 1
Shiny Regular LATE EARLY
594 37 1 0
19 18


After playing a song, you'll get a grade based on your score. When you get higher grades, it overwrites the current ones, but if you get a lower one, it never overwrites the current one.

From high to low, the grades obtained in the game are:

Grade Score Range
Grade-EX+ 9,900,000 or above
Grade-EX 9,800,000 - 9,899,999
Grade-AA 9,500,000 - 9,799,999
Grade-A 9,200,000 - 9,499,999
Grade-B 8,900,000 - 9,199,999
Grade-C 8,600,000 - 8,899,999
Grade-D 0 - 8,599,999


After every play, a title is obtained. Much like grades, higher titles automatically overwrite lower titles, and lower titles can never overwrite higher titles.

The titles in the game, come from high to low, are:

Title Badge Condition
Title-purememory Badge-purememory Hit all notes with PURE timing.
Title-fullrecall Badge-fullrecall Hit all notes with at least 1 FAR timing.
Title-trackcomplete Badge-trackcomplete-hard Complete a song with the HARD effect active.
Badge-trackcomplete Complete a song with at least 70% Recollection Rate (or fill the Recollection Gauge at least 7 times with a CHUNITHM skill)
Badge-trackcomplete-easy Complete a song with at least 70% Recollection Rate with the EASY or OVERFLOW effect active. This title only aids in fulfilling song unlock criteria, and does not add to the cleared song count.
Title-tracklost Badge-tracklost Complete a song with less than 70% Recollection Rate with any skill (or reach 0% Recollection Rate with the HARD effect active).

Obtaining the maximum possible score on a song adds a blue drop shadow to your score, but is otherwise no different from a Pure Memory.


See Potential.

Reward and Currency

See Currency.


  • Theoretically, it is possible to get over 10,000,000 points without a Pure Memory.
    • For example, if a chart has 2,500 notes. 2,499 shiny PUREs + 1 FAR gives a score of 10,000,499.
    • A minimum of $ \Bigl\lceil0.5\times(1+\sqrt{(2\times10,000,000)+1})\Bigr\rceil=2237 $ notes is necessary. Since there are currently no songs with a max combo of 2237 or greater, this is impossible.
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