English translation by Releska.

もう 心の声が聞こえない

この街におれば 妄想に沈む

胸が騒がしい、 だけど無口

I’ll never accept it, no ———


shuppatsu geeto de mite ita
ano itoshii hito no senaka ga
mou kokoro no koe ga kikoenai
hatsukoi no owari o tsugeru namida ga deta

fuyu no kaze wa kokoro ni sasaru
zutto mae kara iitakatta kedo
nande iinikui ndarou
kono machi ni oreba mousou ni shizumu

mune ga sawagashii, dakedo mukuchi

I’ll never accept it, no ———

nakimushi no watashi o dakishimete
namida o nuite hoshii
kimi o wasureru you ni

I saw the one I loved at the departure gate
with their back to me.
My heart’s voice could no longer be heard.
I cried, my tears announcing the end of my first love.

The winter wind pierces my heart.
I wanted to say something for so long
but why was it so hard?
When I’m in this city, I sink into delusions…

“Don’t go…?”
My heart is noisy, yet I am silent.

I’ll never accept it, no ———

I’m such a crybaby. I want you to hug me
and wipe away my tears.
I pray that I’ll forget about you…

Official Sound


Difficulty Player Score Sounds Link Notes
Future higllus 10,000,666 Finger taps YouTube Maximum theoretical value
Future Ritxman 10,000,666 Fingernail taps YouTube Maximum theoretical value
Future Daga 10,000,638 YouTube
Future BRORY 10,000,650 Finger taps YouTube


  • Sayonara Hatsukoi is featured on crafTUNER's album Azuressence.
  • The song is sung by VOCALOID Megurine Luka.
  • Prior to the v3.0.0 update, the Future chart of this song is the only Future 6 in the entire game.
  • However, the v3.0.0 update bumped up the Future difficulty of this song to Future 7.

Song Data

Song Data Table
Difficulty Past Present Future
Floor notes <data source="pstfloor"><label>pstfloor</label><default>??</default> (<data source="37.1"><label>37.1</label><default>??</default>%) <data source="prsfloor"><label>prsfloor</label><default>??</default> (<data source="48.2"><label>48.2</label><default>??</default>%) <data source="ftrfloor"><label>ftrfloor</label><default>??</default> (<data source="40.1"><label>40.1</label><default>???</default>%)
Long notes <data source="pstlong"><label>pstlong</label><default>??</default> (<data source="37.1"><label>37.1</label><default>??</default>%) <data source="prslong"><label>prslong</label><default>??</default> (<data source="22.3"><label>22.3</label><default>??</default>%) <data source="ftrlong"><label>ftrlong<label><default>??</default> (<data source="20.7"><label>20.7</label><default>???</default>%)
Arc notes <data source="pstarc"><label>pstarc</label><default>??</default> (<data source="25.9"><label>25.9</label><default>??</default>%) <data source="prsarc"><label>prsarc/label><default>??</default> (<data source="29.5"><label>29.5</label><default>??</default>%) <data source="ftrarc"><label>ftrarc<label><default>??</default> (<data source="37.8"><label>37.8</label><default>???</default>%)
Sky notes <data source="pstsky"><label>pstsky</label><default>??</default> (<data source="0"><label>0</label><default>??</default>%) <data source="prssky"><label>prssky</label><default>??</default> (<data source="0"><label>0</label><default>??</default>%) <data source="ftrsky"><label>ftrsky<label><default>??</default> (<data source="1.4"><label>1.4</label><default>???</default>%)
Total <data source="205"><label>205</label><default>??</default> (100%) <data source="305"><label>305</label><default>??</default> (100%) <data source="666"><label>666</label><default>??</default> (100%) Notes per second <data source="pstnps"><label>pstnps</label><default>??</default> <data source="prsnps"><label>prsnps</label><default>??</default> <data source="ftrnps"><label>ftrnps</label><default>??</default>


  1. (both listed as illustrators)
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