Official Sound

Official Sound


Original version of STAGER from BOF2013

Release Information
Release Tone Sphere Official Soundtrack - Luminous Sun
Links Album Gateway (Internet Archive)


Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube higllus 10,001,004 (MAX) Fingertaps
YouTube mau 10,001,003 Fingertaps
YouTube Daga 10,000,962 Fingertaps
YouTube - - Verification video for timing


  • STAGER (Original version) appears in BOF2013. With a score of 155821.25 pts, it placed 3rd overall.
  • Different illustrations are available for this song by difficulties, which correspond to their respective illustrations in Tone Sphere:
    • Easy → Past, Normal/Hard → Present, Expert → Future.
    • This is currently the only song to have this feature.
  • This song has also appeared in Groove Coaster 3EX, CIRCLINK and CHUNITHM Air (CIRCLINK and CHUNITHM uses the original version) .
  • At the end of the Future chart, a group of traces spell "CLEAR", in reference to the song title "STAGER (ALL STAGE CLEAR)".
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