Official Sound

Official Sound
REDALiCE vs USAO - 最強STRONGER (Official Music Video)

REDALiCE vs USAO - 最強STRONGER (Official Music Video)

Release Information
Release TCDR-0038 (Single)
Links iTunes Store, Spotify, LINE Music, Bandcamp, Amazon Music


  • SAIKYO STRONGER (FTR) is the only level 11 chart that:
    • is not unlocked via an Anomaly.
    • is in Memory Archive instead of a Main Story pack.
    • does not require more than two fingers.
  • SAIKYO STRONGER is also the only song which has a chart that requires players to have a certain Potential to unlock.
  • SAIKYO is the Japanese word for "strongest", making the song title in English "STRONGEST STRONGER".
  • SAIKYO STRONGER's jacket features DORO*C, HARDCORE TANO*C's mascot character.
  • SAIKYO STRONGER's Future chart requires the most fragments to unlock, at 1000 fragments.
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