• In the Past difficulty of this map, all the arcs are red, so they should all be controlled with the right hand.


  • In the Present difficulty, they are all blue, so they should all be controlled with the left hand.


  • The Future map uses both arc note colors, however often starting on opposing sides to where one would expect. All blue arc notes should be controlled with the left hand, and red ones should be controlled with the right hand, regardless of where they start, otherwise some arc notes (and floor notes) cannot be completed. This reminder is also given right before starting, in the form "LEFT=BLUE RED=RIGHT" underneath the map designer's name.

Offical Sound


Difficulty Player Score Sounds Link Notes
Future suicide 10,000,845 None YouTube Maximum theoretical value
Future Ritxman 10,000,833 Fingernail taps YouTube
Future Daga 10,000,801 None YouTube


  • Its future chart and Dreamin' Attraction!! are the costliest charts using fragments if counting its previous songs’ requirements, for a total of 760 fragments.
  • When the colorblind mode is set to "Enabled" in settings and played the chart in future difficulty, the reminder underneath the map designer's name "LEFT=BLUE RED=RIGHT", will be changed to "LEFT=BLUE YELLOW=RIGHT". The same is true to past difficulty, from "RED side" to "YELLOW side".
  • An April Fools' version of this song, Red and Blue and Green, was released on 1 April 2019.
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