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Potential is a mechanic added in version 1.1.0. It acts as a representative value of the player's best and recent performances. It generally does not affect gameplay, with the following few exceptions:

Playing songs while online will affect this value, displayed on the icon of your partner at the top of the screen.


There are eight different icons for your Potential rating: seven representing distinct potential ranges, and one for those who have "Show Potential" disabled under Settings.

As potential is strongly dependent on which songs are owned and inflates upon the release of new song packs, descriptions become obsolete over time and are hence not provided.

Rating 0.png
Rating 1.png
Rating 2.png
Rating 3.png
Rating 4.png
Rating 5.png
Rating 6.png
Rating off.png
From 0.00 3.50 7.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 12.50 --
To 3.49 6.99 9.99 10.99 11.99 12.49 --


Early research credit goes to choka_noah and is posted here with their permission.

There are three relevant quantities to the Potential, each explained in its own section.

Chart Constant

The chart constant is an internal value assigned to a chart, which is a more precise representation of its difficulty than its difficulty level. It is currently unknown how these values are determined or calculated.

Chart constants for various songs, as well as the methods used to obtain these values, are detailed in Songs by Chart Constant.

Additionally, they also determine how much Steps are gained when completing songs in World Mode.

Score Modifier

The score modifier is a value computed from your score in a round. It can be positive or negative, depending on whether your score is above or below 9,500,000.

Below is a table showing the formula for calculating the score modifier for various score ranges.

Score Score Modifier
≥ 10,000,000
9,800,000 ~ 9,999,999
≤ 9,800,000

Below are score modifiers for some notable scores:

Grade Score Score Modifier
EX+ 10,000,000 2.0
9,900,000 1.5
EX 9,800,000 1.0
AA 9,500,000 0.0
A 9,200,000 -1.0
B 8,900,000 -2.0
C 8,600,000 -3.0
Score Modifier Plot.png

Play Rating

The play rating, previously called chart potential, is an intermediate value used to calculate your potential. In each round, it is calculated by adding the chart constant and the score modifier, then rectified to zero if the result is negative:

For example, Sayonara Hatsukoi [FTR] has a chart constant of 7.0, so if you obtain a Pure Memory, the corresponding score modifier is 2.0. This results in a play rating of 9.0 which gets saved in your recent/best entries.


At the end of each round, your play rating is recorded under your Recent Entries (with a few exceptions later mentioned). If high enough, it might also be recorded under your Best Entries.

Best Entries
A list of 30 unique charts with the highest play ratings ever obtained. Charts can only appear once.
Recent Entries
A list of 10 plays with the highest play rating, out of the 30 most recent plays. Charts can appear more than once.
Since 3.0.0, the 10 plays with highest play rating have to be unique. This means that there must be at least 10 unique charts under these entries.

The formula for potential is as follows:

  • is the sum of all Play Ratings in Recent Entries.
  • is the sum of all Play Ratings in Best Entries.

This formula applies even when not all entries are filled. Potential is displayed up to two decimal points, with any more being truncated.

Potential Mechanics.PNG

There are 2 special cases wherein Potential cannot decrease:

Plays falling under any of these situations are only added to your recent/best entries if they cause an increase in Potential.

Maximum Potential

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