• The beginning is fairly simple. If you are having trouble with some of the doubles, playing Vicious Heroism may help.
  • During the first drop, the floor note pattern is quite similar to Axium Crisis or Filament.
  • When it speeds up again, you will be met with short bursts of 5 8th notes. Some of these have one hand playing on the left and one on the right, but some have one hand playing on top of the other. Make sure you read correctly or you will have difficulty playing. There will also be floor note spams similar to those in Modelista.
  • There are 2 floor notes at the end which come quickly and are easy to miss.

Official Sound


Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube Daga 10,000,907 None (Phone)
YouTube Ritxman 10,000,889 Fingernail taps
YouTube suicide 10,000,928 None
YouTube suicide 10,000,923 None (1.0x speed, 2 fingers)
YouTube Nyan4510 10,000,901 Finger taps
YouTube higllus 10,000,933 Finger taps
YouTube Hand Clap - Ticks for each note (timing verification)


  • Prior to version 2.0.0, the individual difficulties had corresponding story logs, which were relocated to Story:
  • The chart designer's name 東星 is likely an alias of Toaster, since 東 can be read "tou" and 星 means "star."
  • Laur later released a sequel called Pristine.
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