Official Sound


Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube suicide 10,000,645 (max) None
YouTube yurikuno 10,000,621 In-game clicks
YouTube Ritxman 10,000,613 Fingernail taps


  • At the end of the Future chart, Traces form stars and a crescent moon, referencing the "moonlight" in the song's title.
  • This song has also appeared in the music game Hachi Hachi.
  • It is one of eight songs in which the Past chart has more notes than the Present one. The others are Lumia, Romance Wars, One Last Drive, Maze No.9, Antithese, Grimheart and SUPERNOVA.
  • This is the only song of the Dynamix Collaboration which is available by default without purchases in Dynamix (though it involves a small bit of leveling)
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