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Arcaea Sound Collection - Memories of Conflict is a song album containing various Conflict-side songs in Arcaea and their remixes. Purchasing this album rewards a serial code to unlock Tairitsu (Sonata).


Official Link

Circle: Arcaea

Price: JPY 2750

Release Date: 27th October 2019

Illustrator: シエラ (cierra)

Designer: SoU (waveforme / Otographic Music)

Mastering: Puru

Producer: Anton Prydatko (Guy)

Track Listing

ID Title Artist
01 Cybernecia Catharsis Tanchiky
02 Lethaeus Silentroom
03 Silent Rush Soleily
04 Purgatorium お月さま交響曲
05 LunarOrbit -believe in the Espebranch road- Apo11o program ft. 大瀬良あい
06 Ignotus ak+q
07 Iconoclast Yamajet
08 Genesis Iris
09 Red and Blue Silentroom
10 Corruption 3R2
11 Singularity ETIA.
12 Blaster Massive New Krew
13 Antithese Blacklolita
14 Black Territory DJ Myosuke
15 Strongholds Yooh
16 trappola bewitching gmtn.
17 Cyaegha USAO
18 Vicious Heroism Kobaryo
19 Axium Crisis ak+q
20 Sheriruth Team Grimoire
21 Grievous Lady Team Grimoire vs Laur
22 Essence of Twilight ak+q
23 Ignotus (Extended ver.) ak+q
24 trappola bewitching (Extended ver.) gmtn.
25 Grievous Lady -nothing is but what is not- Team Grimoire vs Laur
26 Solitary Dream (OP ver.) ak+q feat. Sennzai
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