Official Sound


Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube higllus 10,001,058 Fingertaps
YouTube Ritxman 10,001,053 Fingernail taps
bilibili RealForce 10,001,030 Finger taps
YouTube Daga 10,001,026 Finger taps
YouTube - - Verification video for timing


Lyrics can be found in the caption of the Official Sound.
Translated by ILuvGemz



しとしと筆跡(ふであと) 溝に濁色を流し

朔月に信じて、信じて歩けども。 道は多岐亡羊で

繊月に信じて、信じて在りくも。 道は雨露霜雪(うろそうせつ)で

朏月に信じて、信じて歩けども。 信じて(信じて)白道を散けども。

皓月に信じて、信じて。 道は多希望羊で月は白み撓みゆき信じありく

akebi hibiku kokuu yozora, irodzuite
hoshira wa yuiyui to ko wo egaite

sakebi hibiku okukouu sora, shino tsuite
tsui ni wa rin'ne to kyo e kaite

shitoshito fudeato mizo ni nigosu iro wo nagashi
kiro mo wakaranu mama

sakutsuki ni shinjite, shinjite aru kedo mo. michi wa takibouyou de

sengetsu ni shinjite, shinjite ari kumo. michi wa urosousetsu de

higetsuki ni shinjite, shinjite aru kedo mo. shinjite (shinjite) byakudou wo baruke domo.

kougetsu ni shinjite, shinjite. michi wa takibouyou de tsuki wa shirami tawami yuki shinji a riku

The tomorrow (light of day) echoes through the solitary night sky, changing its color
The stars are drawing arcs with ends

Our cries echo through the troublesome rainy sky, pouring down
In the end, the reborn and hollow are for nothing

The handwriting drizzles and flows to a muddy color down the drain
Thus, we remain, unable to find our way back

Believe in the new lunar cycle, we believe and also walk. To the road of the branch roads

Believe in the month of grace, we believe and also stay. In the road of the solar seasons

Believe in the crescent moon, we believe and also walk. Believe (believe) in the lunar orbit that you scattered

Believe in the luminous moon, just believe. The road is the Espebranch road moon that believes in the refraction


  • "Espebranch" is a portmanteau of "Esperanza" (meaning "hope") and "branch".
  • In the Japanese name, "多希望羊" is a portmanteau of "希望" (kibou, lit. hope) and the idiom "多岐亡羊"(takibouyou, lit. overwhelming complexity).
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