Difficulty Player Score Sounds Link Notes
Future higllus 10,001,347 Finger taps YouTube Maximum theoretical value
Future JackDeng 10,001,298 In-game clicks YouTube Slowed down for chart analysis
Future MitaKousuke 9,384,811 Finger taps (faint) YouTube One handed
Future tiace 10001310 Fingertaps YouTube


  • This song originates from SEGA's music game series CHUNITHM. It is considered one of the hardest songs to complete in the series, being the first to receive the maximum rating of Level 13+, and later Level 14.
  • This song was crossed over to SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN, GROOVE COASTER 3EX DREAM PARTY, and Taiko no Tatsujin as a Qualifying Round song for the Tenkaichi otogesai Zenkoku issei nintei taikai 2017 event.
  • This song also appears in maimai MiLK PLUS and Ongeki.
  • Like Garakuta Doll Play, the stopping note effects in the transition from CHUNITHM were carried to the Future chart.
  • The Chart Designer of this chart is likely an alias of Nitro, since "夜" means "night" and "浪" can be read as "rou".
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