Not to be confused with the partner Hikari.


Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube Daga 10,000,621
YouTube - - Verification video for timing


こぼれ落ちた雫 誰のもの?
うつむく先には 何が見える?


手を延ばしてよ 変わらぬ日々の先 心、壊してよ
手を延ばしてよ 君となら行けるよ 怖くないよ

光を 探して

kobore ochita shizuku dare no mono?
utsumuku saki ni wa nani ga mieru?
ashimoto terasu hi mo kidzukezu
tada tachitsukushi teta

onaji you na itami kanjite
nita you na keshiki de ikite mo
kimi to nara chigau sekai e
tsurete itte kure sou na ki ga shita

te wo nobashite yo kawaranu hibi no saki kokoro, kowashite yo
te wo nobashite yo kimi to nara ikeru yo kowakunai yo

hikari wo sagashite

Whose drop falls to the spill?
What can you see right ahead?
The sun illuminates around my feet without noticing
I just stood there motionlessly

I feel the same pain
Even if I live at a similar view
If I’m with you, I had a feeling that seems like
You’ll go bring me to a different world

Spread your hands, the past of unchanging days, breaks my heart
Spread your hands, I’ll go if I’m with you, It’s not scary

I’m looking for a light


  • This song is in THB's album "Telescope". Full lyrics of the song can be found here.
  • Its title for Japanese users in Arcaea as well as in Tone Sphere is: "光", which is officially translated as “A Light”.
  • Ironically, Hikari (which means light) is a conflict-side song.
    • This is because the side is determined by the song's presence in Tone Sphere. Due to Hikari being in Darksphere, the song is conflict-side.
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