HARDCORE TANO*C Collaboration
Released 2.5.0
Songs 5
Cost 100 Memories per Song
Type Premium

The Arcaea x HARDCORE TANO*C collaboration is now live! Experience four brand-new, never-before-heard songs by seven different artists! The climax is here—put your hands up!"

HARDCORE TANO*C Collaboration is a sub-pack of Memory Archive containing 5 songs released in version 2.4.9 and 2.5.0. It comes with the limited partner DORO*C.

List of Songs

The TANO*C Collaboration contains the following songs:

Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM Ver
BATTLE NO.1 TANO*C Sound Team 3 6 9+ 2:00 200 2.4.9
La'qryma of the Wasteland DJ Noriken 3 6 9 2:19 168 2.5.0
Einherjar Joker DJ Genki vs Gram 4 7 9+ 2:15 222 2.5.0
IZANA t+pazolite vs P*Light 5 8 10 2:02 222 2.5.0
SAIKYO STRONGER REDALiCE vs USAO 5 9 11 2:21 205 2.5.0

Unlock Progression

La'qryma of the WastelandEinherjar JokerIZANASAIKYO STRONGERHARDCORE TANO*C Collaboration Progression


  • All of the songs in this pack are available on the HARDCORE TANO*C official site.
    • The full version of Cyaegha is also available on the site.
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