Official Sound

Extended mix

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Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube suicide 10,000,767 None
YouTube Ritxman 10,000,745 Fingernail taps
YouTube yurikuno 10,000,728 In-game clicks


  • The original version of this song was a failed SOUND VOLTEX song submission.
  • The original version of this song can be found in Pokerizu - Pocket Rhythm.
  • Arch vs n3pu's Gold Track of Dynamix submission.
  • There are 5 versions of this song, Evoltex [2], Evoltex -BMS edit- [3], Evoltex -Ryusk Remix-[4], and the one used in-game. Also, this song has extended version on Arch’s album called “Electric Emotion”


  2. Preview Evoltex. Soundcloud
  3. Preview Evoltex -BMS edit-. Soundcloud
  4. Preview Evoltex -Ryusk Remix-. Soundcloud
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