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Official Sound
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Release Unreleased
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Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube swkabc 10,000,044 (MAX)


Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube Ritxman 10,001,298 Fingernail taps
Youtube HeavenEGHD 10,001,287 Fingernail taps


Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube higllus 10,000,823 (MAX) Finger taps
YouTube Ritxman 10,000,795 Fingernail taps
YouTube Hand Clap Video - Verification video for rhythm



This chart is exceptionally hard to read - you may need to play on multiple Note Speeds to work out certain parts.

In the section where arcs take the place of Long Notes, hit the very last arcs with the wrong hands, your right hand (hitting the blue arc) over your left hand. When the arcs cross over, quickly move the finger holding the blue arc around the other finger without lifting up from the screen. (This will take a few tries to get right.)

HeavenEGHD's video in which they PM the PRS chart shows this strategy in use, plus another hand-swap that is much harder to execute.

Alternatively, you hit the arcs normally, then use your right hand's ring/pinky finger to hit the hold notes and the arc afterwards, then use your free left hand to hit the taps on the left. This effectively turns the crosshand into a mostly trivial section, though it'll take a little bit of time to get down.

DominationGaming53's video documents this strategy.


This chart is extremely slow - even on Note Speed 6.5, the majority of the chart looks cluttered. However, there are faster sections where the chart speeds up dramatically. These sections are straightforward (and happen on the distinctive bass drops as well) which makes these parts easy to memorise. Playing on Note Speed 6.5 is therefore viable, though you may want to watch a video of the chart or play.


  • This is the slowest song in the game.
  • Although the song is in 50 BPM, the Present chart and certain parts of the Future chart are charted in 250 BPM.
  • Due to the low tempo of 50 BPM, the maximum note speed was increased from 5.5 to 6 since 1.7.2.
  • This song uses an irregular time signature of 15/16, with certain parts being in 11/16.
  • It is the only song in the game where the Present difficulty is higher than the Future difficulty.
    • dropdead has a FTR chart constant of 9.1, despite being rated an 8.
  • The Past chart has insufficient notes for the player to reach 100% (Easy/Normal) Recollection Rate.