Difficulty Player Score Sounds Link Notes
Future Ritxman 10,001,360 Fingernail taps YouTube
Future sakusakuo 10,001,357 Finger taps YouTube
Future HeavenEGHD 10,001,340 Fingernail taps YouTube
Future Daga 10,001,336 None YouTube
Future BengaleeHS 10,001,310 None YouTube Thumb Play

Official Sound

Official Sound
USAO - Cyaegha

USAO - Cyaegha

Release Information
Release TCDR-0034 (Single)
Links iTunes Store, Spotify, LINE Music, Bandcamp, Amazon Music


  • Cyäegha is a fictitious deity in H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, considered to be a Great Old One.
    • The name of this song's chart designer is in Japanese, which translates to "Nitro, Great Old One".
  • Cyaegha is re-released as a HARDCORE TANO*C single alongside the songs from TANO*C Collaboration. However, it does not use the in-game jacket for the album cover unlike the other 4.


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