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Fragments and Memories displayed in the upper-right

There are various types of currency and rewards to earn in Arcaea. Fragments and Memories are these currencies, and they appear on the top bar of the game screen.


Fragments are used to:

  • Unlock songs with a Fragment requirement (after completing song requirements).
  • Refill 6 stamina in World Mode (24 hour cool-down) - 1000 Fragments.
  • Extend your available friend slots.

Fragments can be earned by playing the game in Music Play mode or from rewards in World Mode. The Fragments earned depend on the song's difficulty, level, and clear status. The determining factors are:

  • PLAY - Fragments earned after losing a track.
  • CLEAR - Fragments earned after clearing a track.
  • PERFORMANCE - Fragments earned after clearing a track with a Full Recall or Pure Memory.
    • The CLEAR amount is reduced in this case, but the overall amount is higher with the bonus.
  • FIRST CLEAR - 10 Fragments rewarded for clearing a song the first time.
  • PARTNER - Fragments rewarded as bonus or lost as penalty due to the selected Partner's skill. This bonus is applied before multipliers.


In these calculations:

  • "Difficulty" refers to PST/PRS/FTR/BYD. PST has a value of 1, PRS has a value of 2, etc.
  • "Level" refers to the numerical level of the chart. ? has a value of 1, 9+ has a value of 9 and 10+ has a value of 10.
  • Based on the selected Partner, every 1 point of FRAG stat above 50 corresponds to +2% Fragments, and every 1 point below 50 corresponds to -2% Fragments.
    • For example, for a FRAG stat of 70, there is a bonus of 40% Fragments (x1.4 multiplier).
    • Values are not rounded during calculation, despite being displayed with only one decimal place.


Memories are the paid currency in Arcaea. The conversion rate is 100 Memories per 107 yen (99 yen + tax, equivalent to USD 0.99), and 510 memories per 535 yen (499 yen + tax, equivalent to USD 4.99).

Memories are used to:

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