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This Page lists the Credits for Arcaea as listed in-game.

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Direction / Production

  • Anton Prydatko (Guy)

Key Visual, Character Design

  • シエラ (cierra)

Lead Programmer

  • Anton Prydatko (Guy)


Server / Web Programming

  • Michael Miko (RedWhiteMiko)

Visual Design / Direction

  • Anton Prydatko (Guy)

Design Support

  • Khronetic
  • Laurie Carew (lauriecrw)

Game Planning

Sound Design

Public Relations

  • Alice Prowse (Popo)

Lead Writer

  • Terrence Smith

Quality Assurance

  • QI


PV Production

  • Khronetic
  • yusi.
  • GreenVirus

Customer Support

  • Alice Prowse (Popo)
  • HEXA4038
  • Seele

Japanese Localization and Editing

  • HEXA4038

Korean Localization and Story Editing

  • Dsharp K

Chinese Localization and Story Editing

  • YamiNa

Localization Support

Story Localization

Active Gaming Media Inc.

Project Manager

  • Nana Kimura

- Korean Localization & Check -

  • Jake Han

- Simplified Chinese Localization & Check -

  • JingWen Wu
  • Zhao Wanqi

- Traditional Chinese Localization & Check -

  • Liang Cheyuan
  • Hsuan Yu

- Sales -

  • Hélène Fessard-Kawasaki

Special Thanks

  • Zephyz
  • You!

Song Credits

"Particle Arts"
Performed by Virtual Self
Written by Porter Robinson
Courtesy of Virtual Self and mtheory
By arrangement with Hidden Track Music

"Scarlet Cage"
By Daisuke Kurosawa
By arrangement with INSPION

"Alice à la mode"
By Masanori Akita
By arrangement with INSPION