This Page lists the Credits for Arcaea as listed in-game.


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Production, Development, Design

  • Anton Prydatko (Guy)

Chart Design, Planning

Key Visual, Character Design

  • シエラ (cierra)

Web, Online

  • Michael Miko (RedWhiteMiko)

Sound Design

Design Support

  • Khronetic

PR & General Support


Lead Writer

  • Terrence Smith

PV Production

  • GreenVirus
  • Khronetic
  • yusi.

Japan Localization

  • HEXA4038

Japan Localization Support

Korean Localization Support

  • PrimeMIX
  • Dsharp K
  • RAY

Chinese Localization Support

Story Localization

Active Gaming Media inc.

Project Manager

  • Nana Kimura

Korean Localization & Check

  • Jake Han

Simplified Chinese Localization & Check

  • JingWen Wu
  • Zhao Wanqi

Traditional Chinese Localization & Check

  • Liang Cheyuan
  • Hsuan Yu


  • Hélène Fessard-Kawasaki

Special Thanks

  • Zephyz
  • You!

Song Credits

"Particle Arts"
Performed by Virtual Self
Written by Porter Robinson
Courtesy of Virtual Self and mtheory
By arrangement with Hidden Track Music

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