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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 7 days ago

Isabelle (~Despair's Daughter.~)

Isabelle Yagrush (Japanese: イザベル  ヤグルーツュ, Izaberu Yagurūshu), sometimes known as Vendetta (ヴェンデッタ, Vu~endetta) [still wip lol]

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 29 days ago

Memories of Despair

Spoiler alert: This contains multiple spoilers for Yuhun's story, ~Despair's Daughter.~. Also, note that this is not official.

Path: Zetsubou

Type: Text Log

Prerequisite: Unlock Memories of Despair.

Requirement: Clear Shatterfright.

-Entry Text-

Floating in the containment chamber within the secret unit, the young girl opens her eyes, the light pink liquid stinging them.

She'd been here for many years since she was created, but had been trapped during the time. And she still was. She looked around for something to break the glass with, only to realise within a few minutes that it would be useless because she could not reach out to grab anything.

"What am I to do?" she thought to herself. "Is there anything I can do?"


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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 29 days ago

Story/Memories of Despair

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 25 May

Junsui & Airashii

"She knew that what she was drawing was meant as a tribute to a pair of girls, lost to a most horrid accident. She'd heard faint whispers of them while she had been sealed away, and wondered whether the pair of girls was watching from what she knew was called the Dream World- the place where the spirits of anyone who died went to, so that they could rest peacefully. Though she had never met them, Zetsubou mourned for the pair of girls, and silently cried for them."

- Chapter 4: Vivid Theory, in ItzYuhun's online story, ~Despair's Daughter.~

Junsui (ヂュンスイ) & Airashii ( アイラシー) are a pair of ItzYuhun's fan-made Arcaea Partners, their only appearance being in her Wattpad story, ~Despair's Daughter.~. They are known in the story to be very clos…

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 7 May


"My friend, so feared by many, told me to shoot her, and I did, hoping she would live. I roused from my sleep the next day... but in the end, dear Zetsubou here never woke up."

-Tairitsu in ItzYuhun's online story, ~Despair's Daughter.~ [SPOILER WARNING: The chapter that this quote appears in hasn't been published yet.]

Zetsubou (ゼツボウ), sometimes referred to as Despair's Daughter (Japanese: ゼツボウ ノ ムスメ, Zetsubou no Musume) is ItzYuhun's signature fan-made Arcaea Partner, only making an appearance in her creator's Wattpad story ~Despair's Daughter.~ . She is the main protagonist of the story that she appears in, alongside Tairitsu, who also makes an appearance.

  • 1 Name
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Appearances in ~Despair's Daughter.~
    • 4.1 Chapters
      • 4.1.1 Zetsub…

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 29 April


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Shelleloch Shelleloch 1 April

2021-04-01 Fixing broken Soundcloud embeds

So this took a little bit of time. Many pages weren't using Template:SoundcloudPlayer and so the embed just... didn't. Simple fix: go through every page that comes up when searching "soundcloud url" and replace the section with argument so I just used that.

  • Check exactly what Template:YoutubePlayer can be passed.
  • Go through every single song in order of Songs by Date and update to use Template:OfficialSound. This is going to be painful and slow but screw scripting something to automate it.
  • Other cosmetic changes.
  • Add album art for Overdead. before someone else does :)
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Transendium Transendium 23 November 2020


Well, uh, I don't really know what to say here other than just, hi.

...I guess hope you have a great time on this wiki...?

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GKWS GKWS 4 November 2020

Regarding Lowiro's Statement

On 3 Nov, 6.22 PM GMT, Lowiro made a public statement regarding the issue in a tweet. Their statement is as follows:

As mentioned in my earlier blog post "What Now?", I had given others a reminder to take lowiro's public statement with great skepticism if they were to make one now.

Before I address the statement directly, I wish to make it clear that I had sent lowiro a second negotiation offer on 19 Oct, 4.19 PM GMT, with the deadline on 23 Oct. I had offered to speak to Fandom to act as a third-party mediator if required, because Fandom is well-reputed in the community and has the capacity of a fair arbiter:

No reply had been received for that offer until now. There would be no reason now to accuse me of not giving Lowiro a second chance.


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GKWS GKWS 19 October 2020

What Now

If Lowiro decides to make a public statement now, take it with great skepticism, as it is very likely to be a cheap excuse. The purpose of the negotiation period was to give them enough time to make a decision but not enough time to come up with an excuse. Since they didn't respond by the deadline, they had no intention of being transparent within that time frame. The later they respond, the less credible their statement would be.

Do not let this matter die off at any time. We may have the moral high ground because we are objective, but Lowiro has a large control over communication channels. By refusing to respond within the negotiation period, Lowiro is telling everyone "we can do anything we want and get away with it by keeping quiet". This is…

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GKWS GKWS 19 October 2020

Exchange with Fandom

Some of you have questioned the fact that the content on the main page (front page) was taken down by the Fandom staff Game widow, and was reinstated by a contributor in the community less than an hour later. Some of you believe that we are violating the Fandom Terms of Service or that we are acting against Fandom's interests. I shall make this post to clear up potential and actual misunderstandings about this issue.

Firstly, I have been in direct contact with Fandom staff since 10 Oct, and I have been in active discussion with two of their representatives to come to a proper consensus about what we (the community) are allowed to do regarding this campaign. They have already apologised for taking down the main page on their own initiative, a…

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GKWS GKWS 11 October 2020

Negotiation Situation

Current Status: Failed. No response/statement from lowiro since 3 Oct.


Negotiation Deadline: 9 Oct, 00:00 AM GMT (prevents lowiro from stalling indefinitely, because we already knew they would)

Contact Me: Email, Discord GKWS#9804

Firstly, I genuinely appreciate those of you whom have voiced your support towards this cause. I have been displaying some of my evidence objectively and openly for all to see, and people still criticise me for groundless accusations. I have already revealed the evidence that I have in the various pages. I know they are all long reads, but the truth is never that simple.

Secondly, the other admins, moderators and contributors on this wiki are not accomplices. This is my own initiative (along wi…

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GKWS GKWS 9 October 2020


This is not the end, but the beginning. We have not lost in the slightest, but we have made considerable progress. We have proven our original point: that lowiro does not need to hold themselves accountable for any incident even with evidence, and can simply get away by keeping quiet about it.

  • We have garnered a tremendous and unexpected amount of support in the English and Chinese communities. Our deepest appreciation goes to those of you who have stood strong with me amidst the backlash and spread the word to others.
  • We have uncovered evidence indicating lowiro's severely unethical internal and public relations practices.
  • We have proven that even with compelling evidence, lowiro would refuse to acknowledge or address these incidents. Instea…

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GKWS GKWS 8 October 2020

esterTion's Account

This account probably pales in comparison to YamiNa's Account, but still an important issue nonetheless. esterTion had been sending their own packets to Arcaea's API (server) for their experiments. This itself is not illegal, since it is not a ping/DDoS attack, and they were not using it to make purchases without paying.

On Jan 2020, esterTion was banned for purchasing SAIKYO STRONGER before it was released, even after having spent the money. No warning, just a ban. They sent an email to Darkslime and received the following response:

Darkslime claimed that esterTion was given a warning, but none was given (incidentally, I was not given one either). Also, sending packets to the API will not trigger a warning. esterTion was cooperative, apologe…

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GKWS GKWS 8 October 2020

Community Moderators

I am sincerely grateful to all of you who have taken my words seriously and have critically analysed the evidence that I have laid out. These are indeed important issues that lowiro should address, and I do not wish to understate the unethical nature of lowiro's practices.

However, community moderators in the Official Discord server do not have the authority to bring up the issues I have mentioned to lowiro, and thus do not have the responsibility.

Their responsibility as community moderators is only to enforce the rules laid out by the lowiro admins in the official server; nothing more, nothing less. Their job is to maintain peace and order in the Official Discord server, even if they might not agree with the rules themselves. The rules they…

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GKWS GKWS 7 October 2020


英文/English: User blog:GKWS/Terms of Negotiation


谈判死线日期: 2020年10月9日,格林尼治标准时区00:00

  • 1 详细说明
  • 2 我方让步
  • 3 我方奢求
  • 4 非条约事项




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GKWS GKWS 6 October 2020

YamiNa's Account

This situation has been resolved on 5 Nov 2020. Content has been removed.

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GKWS GKWS 2 October 2020


This situation has been resolved on 5 Nov 2020. See User:GKWS for more details.

Honestly, I had originally hoped that these were isolated incidents that Lowiro would address publicly to quell. However, Lowiro has only sent me a grand total of 2 messages. Interpret this however you will, but this is indicative of systemic corruption within Lowiro.

29 Sep
I released the pastebin message to the public. I posted it on the Official Arcaea Discord Server twice. Both times, it was removed within a minute. On the second time, I even told everyone to read the post before deciding whether they wanted to delete it.

30 Sep, 2.27 AM GMT GKWS → lowiro
I contacted lowiro directly to request for a negotiation (error in message, it's kurorak and not k//eternal):


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GKWS GKWS 2 October 2020

Terms of Negotiation

Chinese/中文: User blog:GKWS/谈判条约

Here are the tentative terms of negotiation I have presented to lowiro, for an agreement to be made by the deadline.

Negotiation Deadline: 9 Oct, 00:00 AM GMT

  • 1 Rationale
  • 2 Offers
  • 3 Demands
  • 4 Non-Issues

Lowiro's current social standing is such that people are afraid to speak up against them. As a result, people can do anything wrong, and lowiro can shut these people up for reasons such as "false accusations or rumours", "defamation", etc., without needing to explain themselves. People have already been shut down even if you don't hear about these incidents. For example, when lowiro made a notice on Twitter that there was a server issue, someone else made a casual remark "give memories as apology", to be immediately bloc…

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GKWS GKWS 1 October 2020

Raw Password Evidence

Update 3 Oct, 12.00 PM GMT
lowiro will be taking measures to rectify security issues:

On your end, please change your password to one that you do not use elsewhere. You can do so on the website, or by selecting "Forgot Password" on the login screen. This issue will be left here for reference.

Arcaea does not hash your passwords when you login. This has been the case ever since the game was released in 2017.

What this means is that if you login on a wifi network (or if your data happens to connect to a wifi network) that someone is listening on, your password is at risk of being compromised. While this is technically secure for people who are aware of this, it is not secure for people who might accidentally install a CA Cert thinking that it is…

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Kel1524880 Kel1524880 20 August 2020

Regarding Song Data

We seem to be very behind on the Song Data page. Are we planning to add more to it or is it an obsolete page by now?

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GKWS GKWS 18 July 2020

Lua Sandbox

This page is a sandbox to test lua modules on this Wiki.

  • 1 Read CC from JSON
  • 2 Calculate Partner Stat
    • 2.1 Stat
    • 2.2 Multiplier
  • 3 Table Generator

Read Mirzam PST CC:

Read World Vanquisher PRS CC:

Calculate Tairitsu's Level 5 STEP stat:

Calculate Shirabe's Level 23 FRAG stat:

Calculate Nono's Level 25 FRAG stat:

Calculate Lethe's Level 31 OVER stat (invalid):

Calculate Tairitsu (Tempest)'s Level 12 STEP stat multiplier:

Generate table for Nono

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ILuvGemz ILuvGemz 24 June 2020

Hyun’s Cross Series

Not to be confused with Cross Fate, which recently got deleted from HyuN’s SoundCloud.

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GKWS GKWS 12 June 2020

Pack Progression Graphs

You might have noticed that we have unlock progression graphs on every pack page. This blog post details how to interpret those graphs, and how to generate them yourself with Python.

  • Each box (node) corresponds to a song in the pack.
    • If a song requirement isn't in the pack, it is omitted (e.g. γuarδina from Memory Archive).
    • If a song is not part of any unlock progression (e.g. Solitary Dream from Eternal Core).
  • Each arrow (directed edge) corresponds to a type of unlock, and has a style and colour. They are necessary but not sufficient conditions.
  • Edge styles:
    • Regular: Clear the required song.
    • Dotted: Play the required song (e.g. Sunset Radiance).
    • Dashed: Clear the anomaly in the required song (e.g. Vicious Labyrinth).
    • Tapered: Special unlock requireme…

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GKWS GKWS 11 May 2020

Semi-Protection Reason

You might have noticed that you need an account to make edits on this Wiki, and this short blog post explains the reason.

  1. In early 2019, this Wiki underwent severe vandalism from an unregistered user. This included:
    • Creating irrelevant pages and adding unofficial content.
    • Using improper grammar in all edits.
    • Editing profile pages of other users.
    • Being excessively unprofessional when confronted about the issue.
  2. Blocking the unregistered user did not help as they could easily change IP and subvert the block.
  3. The decision was made by the Wiki admin team to disable all unregistered edits.

After monitoring the situation over the following weeks, we noticed a significant decrease in vandalism and contributions were not significantly affected by this cha…

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GKWS GKWS 20 February 2020

Editing Guide

Please refer to this editing guide for adding new content to Arcaea Fandom. Any edit not made in accordance with this guide is subject to reversion at the discretion of the moderators/administrators.

  • If you leave a page unfinished, mark it with a

If the song is a collaboration work, each artist should get their own category. For example, Arch and n3pu both have their own categories, even though they both only worked on Evoltex (poppi'n mix). (See above for how to do this in the Song template.)

  • Create a page with the same name as the song pack. If it's a collaboration with X, name it X Collaboration (e.g. HARDCORE TANO*C Collaboration).
  • Copy the contents from another song pack page to the new one and edit all the information.
  • Add a section in So…

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ILuvGemz ILuvGemz 7 September 2019

Alice’s Dictionary

This lists all the words and structures to form Alician, a language used by Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra.

This is the Code reference for Alician.

All of the Alician that are transliterated are not always my doing. All of them are from various YouTube comments. (Mainly Claire Hu and Alrune (who also managed to translate words I haven’t figured out).)

Two words connected with a slash, but not in parentheses, means that there are multiple transcriptions for one meaning.

UPDATE (June 10, 2020): Around a week earlier, another commenter in YouTube named Alrune started to translate the words. I thank him/her for that. If you see a mark named

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ILuvGemz ILuvGemz 4 July 2019

News about Chart Constant

It’s official. All songs’ Chart constant 100% filled!

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Alpha XVIV Alpha XVIV 11 June 2019

Reworking song pages; need your help!

I have another personal rework project that I definitely need everyone's help this time.

This time, I'm reworking song pages. Since there are over 100 songs in Arcaea now, I most definitely can't do it all without the help of you! (otherwise I'll burn out just from this)

The part that I put the most emphasis on is the Videos section (which will all be renamed to Gameplay) and Official Sound. Each have now got their templates for them to use. However, I'd also like to talk about the Trivia sections of all songs that I think everyone should pay attention to.

Okay, calling it a template is a far stretch but I (and User:GKWS ) never got the template to work due to it not playing well with embeds. Until we know more about the inner workings of Medi…

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ILuvGemz ILuvGemz 2 June 2019

Translation checklist

Here’s a list of songs I haven’t translated yet:

  • (Looks like there are no more songs left)

Let me know in the comments if I missed any songs.

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ILuvGemz ILuvGemz 2 June 2019

Current rank score

Current rank: 7
Desired rank: 3

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ILuvGemz ILuvGemz 31 May 2019


Hello world.

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Alpha XVIV Alpha XVIV 26 May 2019

Reworking all partners' individual pages

EDIT 1: Artist commentary can be used for personality descriptions.

EDIT 2: Added checklist! (updated as of 2019-04-06 08:35 GMT +7)

EDIT 2.1: Separated CHUNITHM collab checklist because there's way too many of them

EDIT 3: Oh I forgot to mention! Official Lore must be marked with the spoilers template. Just add to the section.

EDIT 4: Added URLs for easy navigation

So I'm planning to rework all the partners' pages in terms of content. The templates will not be changed at all, but the objective is to strip down pages of unnecessary sections as much as possible and adding a much needed Notes section which contains an analysis of the partner's skill and stats and possible use case scenario of said partner. Some of the trivia will be put here inste…

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Jono99 Jono99 9 May 2019


This page sets forth rules to follow when editing this wiki in addition to consequences for breaking them. Most of these are common sense rules, but please make sure you're familiar with them.

  1. Please keep the wiki PG-13. Refrain from swearing or cursing.
    1. Threats and hate speech of any sort are grounds for an immediate ban.
    2. Anything NSFW in a page or comment will be removed and the infringing user banned.
  2. Do not edit this wiki with incorrect information, copied information (except in the case of translation from a non-English source or with permission from the original author), or copyrighted information or videos. This is grounds for at least a temporary ban.
    1. Do not link to other websites, either, unless it's relevant (eg. the Japanese wiki, So…

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GKWS GKWS 3 February 2019

How to be 2403:6200:8837:8AD4:C809:C067:757E:5930

This post is intended to be a simple guide on how to be a 2403:6200:8837:8AD4:C809:C067:757E:5930. I will keep instructions clear and succinct, to hopefully minimise ambiguity, such that anyone can successfully become 2403:6200:8837:8AD4:C809:C067:757E:5930, regardless of their education or background.

  1. Pick up Simplified English. As Traditional English has had many shortcomings due to its unnecessary complexity, Simplified English has been introduced as an easy-to-learn alternative, officially in use by countries such as Thailand. Such simplifications include the reduction of letters in words, reduction of words in sentences, reduction of allowed accounts on Arcaea Wiki, reduction of Potential, and reduction of general intelligence quotient…
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CuboonoP CuboonoP 30 August 2018


This page sets forth rules to follow when editing this wiki in addition to consequences for breaking them. Most of these are common sense rules, but please make sure you're familiar with them.

  1. Please keep the wiki PG-13. Refrain from swearing or cursing.
    1. Threats and hate speech of any sort are grounds for an immediate ban.
    2. Anything NSFW in a page or comment will be removed and the infringing user banned.
  2. Do not edit this wiki with incorrect information, copied information (except in the case of translation from a non-English source or with permission from the original author), or copyrighted information or videos. This is grounds for at least a temporary ban.
    1. Do not link to other websites, either, unless it's relevant (eg. the Japanese wiki, So…

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CuboonoP CuboonoP 30 August 2018

To-Do List

This is a list of tasks to be done around the wiki. Feel free to post a comment below if you think that anything should be added.

  • 1 To-Do List
    • 1.1 Songs
    • 1.2 Partners
    • 1.3 Other
  • 2 To Think About List
  • 3 Research List

  • Song data needs to be added to the bottoms of song pages. See Template:SongDataTable for details. Newer song data also still needs to be added to the Song Data page. It is suggested to write a quick programming script to automatically generate templates for pages.
  • Plenty of chart constants still need to be derived. See Songs by Chart Constant for more information and keep an eye on the Japanese wiki.

  • Appearance sections for most Partners need to be written.
  • Official Lore for Partners need to be written. This should contain story information for …

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CuboonoP CuboonoP 30 August 2018

Editing Guide

Please refer to this editing guide for adding new content to the Wikia. Any edits not made in accordance with this guide may be reverted.

  • If you leave a page unfinished, please mark it with a ) until deleted by an administrator.
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Imeri Kanzo Imeri Kanzo 20 July 2018

About Arcaea Discord

I just know lowiro created Discord server for the game (when ??). Everybody can join it here:
Chotto a minute!!!!!
I forgot.
For anyone wants to make more friends ingame, you can find lots of ID at #friend-ids.

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712a 712a 30 April 2018

Possiblity to get more than 10,000,000 points without a Pure Memory

Information credit to Japanese Arcaea Wiki, translated by Google Translate, edited and posted by User:712a.

It is possible to do this, but not under the current situation. Depending on the songs that will be added, it will be feasible.
Basically in Arcaea you can not exceed 10,000,000 unless it is PURE MEMORY (hit all Notes with PURE judgment).
However, using the features of Arcaea's score calculation system, you can get more than 10,000,000 points without getting PURE MEMORY.
The calculation method of Arcaea's score is as follows:

Let P be the score to enter with the PURE judgment (EARLY or LATE) and the total number of notes of the track to be N,
P = 10,000,000 / N

The score F enters in the FAR judgment, the score L enters in the LOST judgment,…

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712a 712a 31 March 2018

New song images should be added

So, I have been really active almost everyday and I have a special annoucement to all of you.

I'm thinking of a new type of song images, idea based on Darkslime's partners logo!!!


The background is the song's own background.

The rectangle in the middle is the song's artwork.

The left bottom corner have the song name and the artist.

The right bottom corner have the length and the BPM, in the forms: Length X:XX, BPM XXX

The bottom diamonds are 3 difficulties' level: left PST, mid PRS, right FTR.

I hope you will enjoy my idea and possibly we'll add them into all songs background!!!

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MrGZJcool MrGZJcool 18 March 2018

Admin & Bureaucrat Changes

Hey guys! So, I have been super inactive lately on the wiki and I would like to apologize. I still play the game so don't worry about that, I just don't have the time to take care of this wiki anymore so I have passed on my rights to people.

3 people: Darkslime, CuboonoP and 712a will become your 3 new admins, with Darkslime becoming the new bureaucrat of the wiki!

I have stepped down as bureaucrat but I will maintain as admin in case things go wrong or people go inactive.

Thanks for all the hard work guys and continue your progress!!!

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712a 712a 24 October 2017

Editing Guide

  • 1 General
  • 2 Previous & Next Song
  • 3 ​Infobox & Informations Guide
  • 4 Trivia
  • 5 Video
  • 6 Categorize for Songs

  • All text must be centered left and with correct information as it's in the game (of course).
  • All of the different sections must be separated by a heading (Heading 2 in the Format box).
  • Song titles must be hyperlinked to their respective page.
  • Put periods at the end of bullets.
  • When a song has an extension on the title:
    • If it's in the page title, song list or infobox, put the extension on.
    • If it's in any other case, don't put the extension on (this doesn't includes songs that extension is a part of official title Ex: qualia -ideasthesia-)
  • Please provide a summary of your edits when you're done!
  • Correct grammar and spelling are vital!

  • Doesn't include a header.
  • D…

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Ma Ngoc Thang Ma Ngoc Thang 18 July 2017

Editing + Adding Guide

  • 1 Editing
    • 1.1 Songs
      • 1.1.1 Fragments Unlocks
      • 1.1.2 Lyrics
      • 1.1.3 Video
      • 1.1.4 Trivia

  • If a chart does not required Fragments, the number of Fragments is written as "0"
  • If a chart also required clearing a song, it is written as: F (S [D]/G) (where F is number of Fragments, S is the songs required to clear, D is the difficulty required, and G is grade required (only when grade is required)


Future: 180 (Lost Civilization [FTR]/A)

  • Should be in Code / preformatted.
  • If it isn't in English, write both the original and English translation.
  • If it is in English, only write the original.

  • Should be centered left.
  • Features it's soundtrack as same as Arcaea version.
  • Do not includes any gameplay.
  • Should be a YouTube video.

  • If the title isn't in English, the trivia must co…

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