There exists plenty of detailed information on the various pages in the Wiki, but this page provides a general overview useful for beginners and those unfamiliar with the game. If you have suggestions on how this guide may be improved, please leave a comment on this page.

Getting Started

For the recommended experience, register an account and play the tutorial before starting anything else:

  1. Select "Network" from the Main Menu.
  2. Select "Register".
  3. Fill in your username, email address and password.
  4. Select "Create Account". No email verification is required.
  5. In the Main Menu, select "More" > "Tutorial", which will take you through the basic game mechanics.


There are 2 main modes in the game, the second only available when logged in.

Music Play

The basic mode. In this mode:

  • The Tutorial is automatically triggered on the first time.
  • You may play songs without any limit or restriction.
  • You may earn Fragments (in-game currency).
  • You may clear requirements to unlock locked songs (darkened song covers with text).

World Mode

Main article: World Mode

The exploration mode. In this mode:

  • You have to consume Stamina to play songs. Stamina recharges over time but may be refilled manually.
  • You do not earn Fragments, but instead gain Steps to progress through this mode.
  • You may discover undiscovered songs (greyed out song covers without text).
  • You may unlock more Partners.
  • You may earn Cores.
  • Lost Chapter: Beyond has its own unique mechanics, but is not accessible during the early-game.


Songs are divided into song packs, the current song pack being displayed near the top-middle area of the song selection screen. Selecting the current song pack allows you to choose another one to swap to or view all songs. Save for Arcaea, all song packs requires Memories (paid currency) to unlock.

There are three main difficulties in Arcaea: Past, Present and Future (similar to Easy, Normal and Hard in other games). Past is selected by default. There is a fourth difficulty, Beyond, which only becomes available later in the game.

For purchased songs, there are some which are locked and some which are undiscovered. Locked songs may require clearing other songs in the same difficulty, some further requiring a particular grade. Undiscovered songs are unlocked through progression or limited-time events in World Mode.

There are also four hidden songs with secret unlock conditions; can you unlock them?


Main article: Potential

Potential is a measure of your best and recent performances. It is a highly subjective system, thereby not an accurate indicator of skill, but certain game elements are locked until you reach a certain Potential. Plays in both Music Play and World Mode affect your Potential, but there are special cases where it is not affected. See main article for more details.


Main article: Partners

Partners have 3 stats: FRAG, STEP and OVER.

  • FRAG affects the amount of Fragments you earn per round in Music Play.
    • Rule of thumb: Select partners with high FRAG in Music Play to maximise Fragment earnings.
  • STEP affects your progression per round in World Mode (except in Lost Chapter: Beyond).
    • Rule of thumb: Select partners with high STEP in World Mode to maximise progression.
  • OVER affects your progression per round in Lost Chapter: Beyond.
    • Rule of thumb: Do not only rely on the OVER stat in Lost Chapter: Beyond. See Partner Affinity.

Playing songs in World Mode earns EXP for your selected partner, generally improving their stats. As such, leveling up a high FRAG partner would require you to use them in World Mode, which could slow down your progression.

Certain partners have skills. Some ease gameplay, some enforce challenges, and some cause aesthetic changes.

The Partners screen is accessible by selecting the character icon on the middle of the top bar. You may change partners here.

  • There are 2 partners unlocked by default.
  • Certain partners are made available upon purchasing song packs, and most of them need to be unlocked in World Mode.
  • There are also some which can only be unlocked through limited-time events.


Main article: Network

It is advisable to remain logged in to allow save data to be synchronized across your devices.

In order to prevent your high scores from being lost, it is also advisable to select the "Sync" button at the top-left corner of the result summary screen whenever achieving a new high score. This uploads your high scores to the Cloud, which may be downloaded onto other devices. If you miss it by accident, you may manually sync your scores by selecting "Cloud Sync" from the Network sub-menu.

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