Anomaly Lost

6% accumulation

For general information, see Anomaly.

Trigger Time: 1:26

Unlocks: Grievous Lady

To trigger the anomaly, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  1. Tairitsu is the selected Partner.
  2. Tairitsu is Level 7 or higher.
  3. (FTR only) The necessary Recollection Rate (see section below) is attained at the trigger time.

Upon meeting the above requirements, the anomaly occurs and the song immediately transitions to Grievous Lady, under HARD Recollection Rate and the same difficulty as before in Axium Crisis. At this point:

  • If the track is completed, the song and chart for the respective difficulty is unlocked.
  • If the track is lost, you would progress a certain percentage towards unlocking it (depending on score and difficulty). When this number reaches 100%, the song and chart for the respective difficulty is unlocked.

Trigger Requirement

This table is taken from player-reported data, stating what Recollection Rate they had at that point in the song and whether or not the anomaly was triggered.

Partner Level Recollection Rate
Anomaly No Anomaly
8 87 79
9 76 75
10 70
11 65
12 60 57
13 55 45
14 50
15 46 40
16 40 39
17 35 34
18 27 25
19 25
20-30 21 20

Percentage Gain (Anomaly Lost)

  • Past: 10% - 35%
  • Present: 5% - 25%
  • Future: 5% - 11%



  • A particularly hard chart even compared to the other level 10+ songs. Even if you can complete its prerequisite with ease, you'll still have trouble with this.
  • The main traits of this song are the floor and sky notes that come at you all over the place during arc note presses. The arc notes are easy to catch, so try to pay more attention to which lanes the floor notes are coming in on.
  • There's a part where the tempo decreases in the middle, but the notes keep going. Try not to get a chain of FARs.
In-Depth Strategy (FTR)


  • Easy if you have the timing down; all note pairs are right then left.

First section

  • In the first part here, it's a matter of untangling your fingers. The strategy you use will differ depending on what style of play you use. As always with these sections, using only two fingers means you'll be moving them very fast across the screen.
  • The second part is all about arc note precision and crossover ability. For the purple arc in the middle, you can potentially get away with using the left hand for it so your right hand doesn't need to crossover.


  • During the first part with the sky notes, use one hand for all the sky notes, even when they drift over to the other side. This way you'll be able to alternate hands through the whole thing.
  • The second part with the diamond arc notes is a matter of getting used to the arc notes' speed and positioning. Its corners do hit the beats, as always.
  • During the third part with the 5-beat groups, they alternate, but they don't all start with the same finger. The first part starts left-right-right-left, while the second part is the opposite. Be careful on the timing here as well because the rhythm is tricky. The same rules apply to the walk-up sky notes with the added difficulty of having to hit sky note hitboxes.
  • Remember to hold onto the second pair of arc notes at the end of the transition.

Second section

  • The first part is tricky. You'll have to alternate hands for sky notes, sort of like the final floor-sky section in Modelista. For the strings of double floor+sky notes, try having one hand stay floor and one stay sky.
  • The second part is more crossover testing. It's very easy to turn the arc notes here red if you're not precise enough.
  • The single-lane streams of 4 can be gotten with one finger or two, it just depends on what you're comfortable with.
  • The last part of the section is the same as the beginning of the previous transition: one hand for sky and one for floor.


  • The second transition has a slow part intended to give you a break, but the second half of it is tricky. If you only use two fingers, this will come down to muscle memory and practice in the end.

Third section

  • This entire section is mostly arc note precision, but with more difficult crossing arc notes. Check a video if you're having trouble with timing when they begin, which tends to be the issue with not keeping your combo.


  • Same as the beginning; right then left.

Official Sound

Preview version


Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube higllus 10,001,094 (max) Finger taps
YouTube Nyan4510 10,001,068 Finger taps
YouTube suicide 10,001,067 None
YouTube Ritxman 10,001,044 Fingernail taps


  • Prior to version 2.0.0, the individual difficulties had corresponding story logs, which were relocated to Story:
  • This song can also be found in CHUNITHM as part of Arcaea x CHUNITHM collaboration.
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