This chart is especially useful for practicing streams with 2 floor notes followed by 2 sky notes or stair patterns. If you are struggling with the offbeats, consider practicing on Babaroque.



Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube Noloic 10'000'507 (max score) Notes sounds


Link Player Score Sounds
YouTube higllus 10'001'040 (max score) Fingertaps
YouTube HeavenEGHD 10'001'007 Fingertaps
YouTube Saika0303 10'000'996 Fingertaps (Low volume video)
YouTube Daga 10'000'978 Fingertaps
YouTube NahriL 10'000'971 Fingertaps
YouTube Yuuby 10'000'960 Fingertaps
YouTube Arke12957 10'000'951 Fingernail taps
YouTube RPInixia 10'000'950 Fingertaps


  • Saya, the character that appears in the cover image, was later added as a partner in version 2.0.0.
  • This song was available to play early at the Tokyo Game Show 2018.
    • Visitors of the Arcaea booth were also rewarded with an access code to unlock the song before its release.
  • Alexandrite is a variety of chrysoberyl, a type of gemstone.
    • It is typically a shade of green under neutral light and purple/red under incandescent light.
    • It is one of the birthstones of June.
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