Absolute Reason
Pack Absolute Reason
Released 2.0.0
Songs 5
Cost 500 Memories
Type Side Story
Searching the absolute truth left, she is...

Memories are windows into realities, mysteries waiting to be unraveled... Take a journey in ruthless search of the ultimate truth with an enigmatic girl during five all-new, hardcore songs!

Absolute Reason is a song pack containing 5 songs released in version 2.0.0. It requires 500 Memories to unlock, and comes with Saya.

List of Songs

Song Artist PST PRS FTR Length BPM
Antithese Blacklolita 2 5 8 2:24 172
Corruption 3R2 3 6 9+ 2:31 170
Black Territory DJ Myosuke 3 7 9+ 2:23 200
Vicious Heroism Kobaryo 4 7 10 2:25 256
Cyaegha USAO 5 8 10+ 2:27 200

Unlock Progression

AntitheseCorruptionBlack TerritoryVicious HeroismCyaeghaAbsolute Reason Progression


  • Absolute Reason's internal name is "zettai", which is Japanese for "absolute".
  • This pack contains only Conflict-side songs.
  • The colour scheme of this pack comprises of green shades with a tinge of red, in reference to the color of alexandrite.
    • This colour scheme is also used for parts of World Mode and Story corresponding to this chapter.
    • This is a reference to the initial appearance of Saya in the cover image of Alexandrite.
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