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Official Sound

Official Sound
Camellia - 1f1e33 (from Arcaea)

Camellia - 1f1e33 (from Arcaea)

Release Information
Release #1f1e33 (Solo album)
Links Linkcore (Album Gateway)


  • The song's title, #1f1e33, is a hex color that represents a shade of dark violet, commonly known as steel gray.
  • This is the only song that needs a maximum of three fingers to be on the screen at once.
  • The song's Future chart contains the highest amount of notes (1576), surpassing Heavenly caress by 16 notes.

Song Production Information

かめりあ (EDP)

Arcaea新アップデート(ver.3.0)配信開始!そして初参戦曲 #1f1e33 が配信されております! スゲームズいらしいのでよろしくお願いします。 Arcaeaチームのご厚意のお陰で、早速YouTubeに楽曲をアップロードできるようになりました。 そして各種サイトでも視聴が可能です! 是非ゲームと一緒にお楽しみ下さい。

New Arcaea update (ver.3.0) is finally here! And my debut song #1f1e33 also comes along to it! Thanks to the Arcaea team, it's also available on various services from May 29th as well. Join the Black Fate!



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